The Fellowship Programme - Executive Summary

A personal message from Ian and Robert

We have come together to create this program because we want to put everything we know in the service of what we care about most – that each one of us has the opportunity to be the very best version of ourselves that we can be. For us, this is a spiritual calling.

This program is our attempt to honour this calling in the most practical way we know how.

We have known each other for over twenty-five years and we know what it is to have ups and downs. Our journeys have been separate and distinct but we find that we invariably return to a place where we reconnect, and our new learning and experience only deepens the bond between us.

To be able to offer you this pathway has involved us in moving beyond what we are used to doing and the formats we have previously employed. We have created something different which is ongoing, because our relationship with each other and with you is ongoing and evolving.

This will be an online program, employing new technologies and delivering new material.

We will come together with you online every month. Between modules there will be the opportunity to explore individually and with others online high leverage practices that we will be sharing with you. We will be providing you with interactive online materials that will enable you to build practical skills through which you can grow personally, professionally and spiritually. There will be a wiki wisdom section in which you can add your own links to videos, readings, music, images and other relevant material.